SheRa Costume This customer wore the SheRa costume to a science fiction event and turned a lot of heads. She thought the sizing was true to size according to the chart, though for her, the bust was slightly small and the stomach slightly big but no alterations were necessary.

If you are attending a Halloween event with a partner and you are interested in going as a matching couple theme, then the She-Ra costume can be teamed with the co-coordinating He-Man costume to make the perfect power couple this Halloween ready to wow your friends and fellow party goers.

Here’s what one reviewer had to say:
“I’m an athletic/muscular 145 pounds and a dress size 8, and I ordered the medium. And the dress definitely isn’t too short, which was my original fear–I’m just shy of 5’8 with long legs, and the bottom of the skirt came maybe 5ish inches above my knee”…cont’d

The retro costume is sure to raise a few smiles among your friends and you will have the opportunity to take on the persona of one of your childhood heroes. After all isn’t that what dressing up in costumes at Halloween is all about?

She is an athletic 145 pounds and an 8 dress size and wore the medium size. At 5′ 8″ with long legs the dress was 5 inches or so above the knee. The material was a bit see through but the cape covered any panty lines on the back. The font wasn’t see through as the bust is thick and sturdy and the gold design is on the front.She would buy the gold boots to go with it. Overall she was very impressed with the costume and thought it a fabulous costume worth the price.


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